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Military dump pouches have become quite popular in recent years because the advantages clearly outweigh the roughly 4 ounces that are the pouch itself. Having it on your person will make it easier to keep empty mags, and will prevent you from leaving a trail.

Additionally, the fact that you don’t need to fit in empties back into the holster makes reloading slightly faster. And all those little things add up over time.

Thus, these are the three main reasons why you would need a military dump pouch:

  1. Stored empty mags
  2. Stores miscellaneous trash
  3. Improves reload time

The second point might not sound like much, but what has become trash on a current mission might not be trash for the company. Empty mags halved medkits, or even faulty equipment is better saved and repaired than thrown away.

Those in the market to buy a military dump pouch are in luck because there are several different models, from very roomy to very discreet and compact.

Saving Your Empty Magazines

It might not sound like a lot, especially if you are not the one supplying yourself with mags, but with around $20 per magazine the costs can pile up. While the backbones of an army are its soldiers, the lifeblood is the funds.

Simply, you can’t have the newest and best equipment if you are constantly bleeding expendable gear.

Something like the MDP™ Magazine Dump Pouch is very easy to attach and is quite discreet when on the belt or cummerbund. But, when you need to quickly relieve your empty you can just throw it in and take a fresh one out of the holster.

It will be stored safely and won’t mess with your movement, allowing you to fill them up again once you are back to base.

Military dump pouches

Preventing Losses

Financial losses for the company are not the only type of loss prevented by the dump pouch. Because you don’t need to return empty mags to the holster, which can be tricky when under duress, it will be easier to reload.

Instead of dumping the mag on the ground, because this isn’t the movies, you just throw it in the pouch and carry on.

It may be only a difference of a couple of seconds, but a lot can happen in that time on the battlefield.

Don’t Give the Enemy Nothing

Finally, leaving gear behind you can be quite dangerous if you are in enemy territory. Recon missions and sporadic skirmishes may leave your faulty gear and expended arms on the ground.

There, they will be an easy pickup for the enemy to figure out just which weapons and what type of gear you are using.

Information in combat is everything and the more you keep your enemy guessing the better is for you. This is why you should store all of your expended gear in something like the MDPH™ Magazine Dump Pouch Horizontal at UARM that will even keep small items tightly by your side.