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Sterling Silver plated Kiddush cup holds historical importance in the Jewish culture. If you wish to celebrate the Shabbat, you must purchase the cup for the wine. In the memory of leisure day, Shabbat is celebrated where the cup forms an integral part. As an opportunity to gather with all the family members, a kiddush becomes prominent in Jewish households.

Silver Kiddush cup and its importance 

Understanding through the Jewish culture gives us knowledge about the importance of the cup. In particular, the cup signifies the space where the wine is poured. On the day of Shabbat, before the meal begins, prayers are being prayed using the silver Kiddush cup. The emphasis is on the peace that the day emancipates and the hope that the day continues to be good.

Being celebrated on the Friday night of the week, Kiddush gains a lot of importance. The cup is filled by wine to the edge. Being performed by one of the adults of the household, the Kiddush can also be performed by the wife of the husband. Both men and women are under equal obligation to offer prayer. 

How is Kiddush done in silver Kiddush cup? 

The cup is held on the right or the left hand. It is filled with the red wine to the brim of the cup. The cup is held in a manner such that it rests on the palm of the hand. Being surrounded by the fingers all around the cup, the wine is poured in.

This is followed by the prayer which is offered. The first line of the prayer is recited quieter than the other lines. After the prayer is recited, the wine is shared with all the members of the home. It is poured in their respective cups accordingly. Following this, the person sits on a chair a drink the remaining wine, himself.

This is how Kiddush is performed in Jewish culture. Silver Kiddush cup comes in different varieties and designs. You can choose the best design of the lot. 

Designs of the cup: 

Over the past few decades, the style and design of the cups have transformed. They have designed more artistic and realistic designs, that have found relevance. Mostly, the cups are made on silver, which also symbolizes the sanctity and purity of the product. The romance and love are signified by the Kiddush cups.

The cups come with stems and also lack them. Being sculpted by the best artisans, the kiddush cups are also made out of wood. With excellent colors and a wide range of beautiful artistry, the cups have become relevant and prominent among the Jewish culture. Proper care must be taken while pouring the wine into the cup, such that no wine drips out of the cup. Being a symbolism of religious importance, you can decorate your home with wonderful cups. Even if you are not following the religion, you can cherish the artwork as the cups have a gold lining on the inside too. Purchase the best designed Kiddush cups now and embrace the sanctity of the Shabbat.