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Having the right shoe, especially for work, is essential. Work shoes have to be comfortable and durable. If your shoe makes you uncomfortable, then they are not right for you. Many things contribute to leg pain with posture and the wrong footwear being significant factors. There are things you have to look out for when buying your shoes. The usual thing to do is to go to a store or an online retail store to buy your shoe, but what should you look out for when you want to buy? There are four essentials you should look for when purchasing any shoe and they are:


Working shoes needs to be comfortable. Females especially like to wear heels to work. This is not usually comfortable for long work hours, which is why some will take along another set of footwear to work. Others come down with foot and ankle problems such as overpronated foot and pain. Some men also wear tight shoes to work and get home numb. You should get comfortable shoes to wear. Check and make sure that they are suitable shock-absorber. Check the insole and the arch it makes; it should neither be too high or too low and give you a flat foot.


Since working shoes are meant to be worn for an extended period on various surfaces, get a shoe with a good grip. The sole should be of good material and designed to attach well to the ground, such as a rubber sole. If you work in an office, since your floor will most likely be smooth, getting a shoe with good grip should be a significant concern for you. You don’t want to slip and fall down, and maybe even get injured because of your shoe.


Any good shoe should be durable. Durability is the function of the soles, the material it is made with, and heel reinforcement. Durable shoes should last for months, if not more, before giving way. When selecting the shoe, factor in your weight. Light shoes are not as durable as heavier shoes. Which is why running shoes spoil faster than training shoes. The midsole and outsole matter as they bear the weight of the wearer. If the shoe has the sole made of carbon rubber, then it is very durable. Insoles also help in relieving pressure, check the insole or buy one.


Everyone wants to look good, and our choice footwear complements our dressing. Usually, you are to consider your workplace choice style first, if there is a recommendation, you don’t want to look odd. Get a quality working shoe that matches your dressing and depicts your style. If you work in an office where the formal dressing is not the norm, you can have whatever style you want.


After you’ve considered the above points in selecting your working shoe, finding the right store is essential. Find retail shops selling shoes but read reviews before you buy. See EGO Shoe reviews to help guide your buying.